General Practice

If you’re located in Maine, do business in Maine, or have legal matters in Maine, I am admitted to the Maine Bar and have an active local practice catering to people and companies in the Greater Portland area.

Whether you’re a local company looking for some legal advice on an issue, or an individual seeking legal advice or needing representation, give me a call to discuss. I generally work on the following types of cases, but am always happy to provide a free initial consultation, so don’t hesitate to contact me if I can help you with:

  • Contract negotiation and review;
  • Family law (divorce, custody, child support, enforcement, etc.);
  • Misdemeanor criminal defense (drug possession, theft, etc.);
  • OUI / DUI and other motor vehicle offenses;
  • Protection from harassment (PFH) and related protective orders;
  • Landlord / tenant issues;
  • Wills and living will drafting;
  • Veterans Benefits (VA) cases; and
  • Other general legal issues.


Have a Question?

Feel like some of the above might apply to your situation? Just want to know what your rights, obligations and options are? Feel free to contact me to discuss. I provide a free initial consultation to all new clients, and all inquiries are kept confidential, so there is no risk or obligation.